The Theory of recognition TANVORISM What is Tanvorism? This word comes from tajik word tanvor- matter, a fabric. Tanvorism is born by a matter, a fabric. The essence of all ideas nature will be transformed to that matter which we have got used to perceive in our daily life. And they can surrounds us in the forms of clothes, curtains, coverlets. Tanvorism opens existence of the world, also in those details that are invisible to human eyes. Probably, even with a certain irony it considers reflection of a private world of the person, subjects refracted in fabrics. There is a special philosophy in it: if stretch mentally all the fragments of a fabric, the subject represented on a matter will also disappear together with folds. The new style, new current is valid only when it can affect and can lead behind itself even a part of kinds of culture and art. Zakir Sabirov